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The Present Day Planner has been instrumental in helping many find success in both their professional and personal lives.

Now, it’s here for you, too.

Let's overcome procrastination, reclaim our time, and live our lives to the fullest!

  • Uyen - Project Manager in Vietnam

    "The daily task layout is well-suited to the Pomodoro method. I really like this, and I haven't seen it in any other planner... Each page was designed very effectively to maximize space and purpose."

  • Jo - Editor-in-Chief in France

    "This notebook is calming and gives off a comforting vibe. It's as if it's saying to me: 'Have a lot to plan and do? Don't worry, I'm here with you – take it easy!' It stands apart from other planners that are too serious or influenced by hustle culture."

  • Nathalie - Director in France

    "This is a hybrid product, combining elements of an agenda/planning book with tools to balance work and life. I find this to be its greatest advantage compared to the Outlook tool I'm currently using."

  • Tuan - International Student in the U.S

    "Incredibly helpful tool! The planner helps me prioritize my studies, part-time job, and personal life much more effectively. Before, I needed 2-3 notebooks and various phone apps to do what this one planner can. With this planner, I'm saving expenses, reducing clutter, and feeling lighter every day."

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